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Small space, big garden!
We hang around the best patios!
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No space, no problem. Enjoy hassle-free gardening just about anywhere with the MonkeyPots family of planters. All of our planters are sturdy, self-watering and UV treated created to last for years.

MonkeyPots Perfect Patio Planter 3-Tier Planter
Needing only 30” of floor space this garden is great for hassle free patio gardening. Standing 5 feet tall with three planters the Perfect Patio Planter is self-watering and planters are adjustable and/or removable. Grow vegetables, herbs, tomatoes or just put your favorite pots in this patented planter for stunning patio display. This high quality, sturdy wheeled planter will provide years of great gardening. Grows tomatoes, herbs and veggies…all at the same time!
Colors: Green or Terra Cotta

MonkeyPots Fence Planter
Turn your deck rail or fence into a stunning patio display with this unique 2-tiered planter. Fits on just about any fence or railing. Grow small vegetables, herbs, flowers or just put your favorite pots in this planter for a great addition to any patio or fence. These high quality, sturdy planters are self-watering and will last for years.

MonkeyPots Single Large Plante
Use this roomy planter to grow just about anything in 30" of floor space. Grow tomatoes, vegetables, herbs or just put your favorite pots in this patented planter for stunning patio display.  

​Small Self-Watering Planter
Growing flowers, herbs and small vegetables are easy in the MonkeyPots self-watering planter. This sturdy planter comes in terra cotta, and dark green. The self-watering feature contains a water reservoir which provides the plant the water it needs as it needs it. The planter is lightweight and UV stabilized polypropylene and will give years of great gardening and will not fade, chip or crack.